our address

1214 H Street
Washington, DC 20002
United States

Phone: 202.342.3433
Fax: 202.434.5667

Email: living@a-ma-maniere.com



the suites

Blending a revolutionary retail experience with lavish contemporary living.

With two full residential suites directly above DC’s newest luxury boutique A Ma Maniere, Living introduces a new approach to shopping and snoozing. The days of hotels only being a place to lay your head are a thing of the past.

the location

Arts, culture and connection happen on H Street.

Nestled in the heart of DC’s bustling arts and entertainment district, Maniere Living delivers all the excitement of the historic H Street right to your doorstep. Visit one of several museums that surround the area, satisfy your food craving with the many local eateries that lace the street, or catch a show at the Atlas Performing Arts Center located directly across the street from A Ma Maniere Living– The choices for a great time are endless.

the experience

Pushing the guest experience beyond the ordinary transaction

A Ma Maniere pushes boundaries when it comes to incredible shopping experiences. We delve into our guests’ needs and wants–– tailoring their room with exclusive items and brands that can be used during their stay and purchased to take home with them.

Luxury Living: A Bespoke Retail Experience

A blend between boutique hotel and luxury retail, the A Ma Maniere ‘Living’ concept

A blend between boutique hotel and luxury retail, the A Ma Maniere ‘Living’ concept